Ludwig Van Beethoven

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      Beethoven was a German musician. He performed and composed nine symphonies, five piano concertos, ten violin sonatas, thirty-two piano sonatas, numerous string quartets, and other key works. When Beethoven was eight years old, he had his first music performance in 1778. Beethoven’s father and grandfather were his music teachers until he was nine years old, and then Christian Neefe, became his music teacher who taught him piano lessons. Eventually, Beethoven began to learn from famous composers such as Joseph Hayden in 1792 as well as Antonio Salieri.

     His music became a work of art. His songs make people feel similar emotions that they feel in their real life such as accomplishing their goals such as love, money, status, and power. He had three musical periods in Vienna, Austria while performing and composing music as shown on the table below. These were the early (classical), middle (heroic), and late (mature) periods.

Periods Description
Early (classical) Sounds very traditional like Mozart & Hayden.
Middle (heroic) Sounds like “Pathetique” (Sonata in C Minor, Opt. 13).
Late (mature) Sounds like “Hammerklavier” (Sonata in B Flat Major).
The eighth notes