“Confucius said that we come to understand our life paths by the age of forty, spend the next twenty years perfecting that path, and only then should we begin teaching, after the age of sixty” (Oldershaw, 1999)


Puberty signifies a shift from childhood to adulthood permitting the female body to prepare for the production of life. As a woman matures, menopause indicates an alteration in hormones. The body shifts from the reproductive years to the second half of life when a woman should feel liberated and free to explore her spirituality, and prepare for her transition into her postmenopausal years. In fact, the last third of a woman’s lifetime following her reproductive years is spent in menopause, and with it brings a variety of symptoms and changes.

Menopause is a natural transition in a woman’s life and the ability to manage symptoms can be challenging to say the least. Amongst the many decisions a woman must make in her lifetime, the perplexity of coping with the transition is a question of managing her menopausal symptoms with traditional medications like Hormone Replacement Therapy or naturally by means of Homeopathy. A lifestyle change with a diet full of nourishing foods, a regular exercise routine, and an abundance of positive support can assist in the evolution into menopause.







Your body is not an enemy to be conquered and wrestled into submission. Eat well and exercise because you deserve to be strong and healthy. Self-hate is poor motivation. Be patient and kind to yourself, for that will carry you through discouragement and frustration.